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How to obtain a spanish driving licence in english

How to obtain a spanish driving licence in Barcelona, Spain?
The driving licence offers you considerable freedom to move around the Spanish geography by car. Obtaining a driving licence in other European countries is expensive and difficult. Here we give you many reasons to come to Barcelona to get it. You will greatly reduce your budget and the time necessary to obtain it. First of all, I am going to talk to you about the advantages and the modalities to obtain it and the administrative procedures for foreigners.

Advantages of Spanish Driving Licence

One factor to take into account when passing your driving licence is the price. Generally looking for the cheapest schools or with the best quality / price ratio. In Spain the prices are twice lower than in other European countries. The cost is on average € 600 all inclusive.

The procedures are less strict and in fact, you don't have hours of compulsory driving lessons. Thus, the waiting time for exams is reduced, which will allow you to obtain your license in record time compared to other countries.

Procedure of obtaining the Driving licence

Obtaining a drivers license obtained in an EU member country is valid in any other European country. The first test of the theory is done by computer with 30 questions in 30 minutes with a maximum of three consented errors. The second practical test is 25 minutes and is carried out in Spanish with a question about the vehicle, 5 minutes of autonomous driving and 20 minutes of guided driving. If the practical test is not passed, it must be repeated and wait 12 days. For those who have obtained the permit outside of Spain, they will have to do it again here.

Administrative procedures for foreigners to obtain spanish driving licence

To obtain your driving licence in Spain you must prove that you are a resident.
First you must obtain your NIE. To obtain the NIE, the following documents are required: the EX-15 form, the identity document or passport, a proof of your activity in Spain. Next, you have to make an appointment at the Immigration Office. After paying a fee of € 11 you will receive your NIE. You can also go to the Spanish embassy in your country to obtain the NIE valid for three months.
Second, it is necessary to register. This will require the complete registration form, prove your identity and have proof of address.

Collect your provisional driving licence
About a week after you have passed the driving test, your driving school will give you a provisional license with which you can start driving while you receive your final driving license. This provisional card is valid for three months and you can collect your final card once it is ready.

Put the L on your car
Every new driver must carry the sign with the L on the left side of the rear window of the car every time he drives. If you don't wear it, you risk being penalised.

Finally, we remind him that, 10 years after obtaining his driving license, he must renew it. Go to a driver recognition centre to apply for renewal. You can also renew your driving license through the DGT, but the process will be slower.

For more info on the dates and exam registers, have a look here: